Residential And Commercial Mowing Frisco Texas

Bell Mowing and Landscaping offers residential, commercial (retail and office park), and specialty mowing (e.g. for apartments and churches) in Frisco. Please call (214) 544-7499 to discuss your specific needs for your property in Frisco TX.

In the meantime, here is some potentially helpful information regarding common mowing mistakes in the Collin County and North Dallas region: Most common mistakes: Mowing lawn too low, or scalping, to satisfy the appearance of service or to lower weekly frequency mows.

Benefits of higher mowing levels:

* St. Augustine grows on top of the ground with it’s blade runners exposed all season, this turf needs at least 3-3.5 inches of hight to produce stem, Moreover; St. Augustine, will do great with only part sun of four hours or more with filtered light, mowed at 3.5 inches, and greater.

* Bermuda, full sun grass can be maintained in the same manner, especially in shade to poor soils. We generally mow up to 4.5 inches for a deeper color and the carpet effect. The depth is not noticed if the entire lawn has the same height relative to achieve the new longer cut. Best of all a higher thatch adds insulation from the Texas sun and southwest August wind. Lastly, a deeper root system will be established allowing defenses against abnormally hot dry summers and cold winters.

* Water adds to longevity and to the for mention practices; deep thatch, and deep root stem. I can explain corrective and economical methods when you call for more information.