3D Design Ideas

Winter and early spring ( November – February ) is a great time to re-plow and update landscapes and lawns.  Accumulation, to Texas clay soils, hot spring weather, and temporary insect infestation are some of the problems you don’t need with imported plantings. 
Chemical maintenance, after ornamentals have rooted keeps stress at a lower level too!  Some of the following examples of 3D designs give you a look into development ideas.
3D images of landscape designs McKinney 3D design images of landscaping in Allen TX

Commercial Lawn Repair Example And Overview

My commercial lawn repair during the summer rain really helps in the watering and acclimation to the heat, rooting, to insure the install.
What has happened, the Oak and Elm tree mix was pulling all or most of the moisture, then shading beyond the parameters that Bermuda can survive. This location also had a problem with a shallow stratus rock formation with limited top soil. The red  flag was the exposed tree roots above the turf.
Correction was easy by tilling in 4 inches of mixed aged compost from city of Plano recycling store. Regrade was simple with a wheeled horse tiller coupled up with a snow blade. Black clay and compost have me a easy to move formula, with a rich composition very clear close to a 6.5 -7 ph level. It also absorbs and retains large amounts of water before it sifts into the rock formation below.
In the back ground for the really shady area I selected Emerald Zoysia, very fine blade with a Tiff Bermuda look alike. Zoysia has the ability to grow in shade, put out runners similar to St Augustine, and is user friendly with the same weed chemicals used to control weeds in Bermuda.
Just outside the shade we installed Bermuda since its close in looks; However, it’s lighter in color.  This mix of sun to shade grasses saved the customer a couple of grand per capita in job size. Also note the photos are a job on progress. Later I’ll show the final view.
commercial landscapers McKinney commercial landscapers Princeton TX

Common Mowing Mistakes In North Texas

There is a common mowing mistake by many homeowners the Collin County and other North Texas communities.  That is mowing the lawn too low (“scalping”) to satisfy the appearance of service or to lower weekly frequency mows.  This can harm your lawn.

Instead, here are the benefits of higher mowing levels:

  • St. Augustine grows on top of the ground with it’s blade runners exposed all season.  This turf needs at least 3-3.5 inches of height to produce stem
  • Moreover; St. Augustine, will do great with only part sun of four hours or more with filtered light, mowed at 3.5 inches, and greater.
  • Bermuda, full sun grass can be maintained in the same manner, especially in shade to poor soils.

We generally mow up to 4.5  inches for a deeper color and the carpet effect. The depth is not noticed if the entire lawn has the same height relative to achieve the new longer cut. Best of all a higher thatch adds insulation from the Texas sun and southwest August wind.

Lastly, a deeper root system will be established allowing defenses against abnormally hot dry summers and cold winters. Water adds to longevity and to the for mention practices; deep thatch, and deep root stem.

Retail And Church Landscaping

Here are some recent pictures of retail and church landscaping projects completed in the Dallas Fort Worth area:

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Gardening Consulting

If you are considering to begin gardening on your property in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and if you want consulting to help you choose the right strategy for your specific property’s nuances, then you are welcome to contact us.  We look forward to helping you.

Office Landscaping Photos

Here are some photos from a recent business office park landscaping project in Allen Texas:

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